Analysis Of 20 Mile March By Jim Collins

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One of the most important and endearing principles for an individual and learning organization is the notion of fanatic discipline, which Jim Collins in Great by Choice coins “consistency of action” (Collins et al, 2011, p. 21). Having fanatic discipline is what separates mediocre people and organizations from the great ones through determination and consistency in a volatile and fast-paced world. Through laser-like focus on long-term, attainable goals by breaking it down into a daily “20 Mile March,” individuals and organizations can march towards their aspirations even in the face of adversity or the temptations of rapid success. The 20 Mile March analogy is a story of adherence to a consistent regimen of hiking twenty miles each day towards…show more content…
Jim Collins recognizes seven elements a learning organization (or individual) ‘should’ use to maintain pace on their march. First, you need to have ‘clear performance markers,’ which creates multiple challenging yet attainable short-term milestones that prevents us from deviating from the path. Secondly, we remain disciplined in that we ‘impose self-constraints’ that allows us to refrain from the temptation of going faster and doing more when conditions are good. The third through sixth elements involve the learning organizations (or individuals) ability to keep the goals tailored to the enterprise (or individual), within its own control, having a clear timeframe and making sure the goals aren’t derived from external sources (Collins et al, 2011, p.49). Lastly, we want to emphasize the 20 Mile March must be “achieved with great consistency” (Collins et al, 2011, p.49). These seven characteristics are very important in the achievement of the ultimate goal, but they don’t all have to be included simultaneously. Jim Collins states, “There’s no all-purpose 20 Mile March for all enterprises,” which entails that every march has unique traits geared towards that goal (Collins et al, 2011, p. 48). Michael Jordan’s 20 Mile March to becoming the world’s best basketball player is unlike Southwest Airlines approach. Michael Jordan practiced consistently to be the best. He maintained a competitive edge creating a rigorous routine that didn’t wear him out physically, but kept incrementally challenging him to be better. Southwest Airlines’ approach was completely different using an intelligent and methodical expansion plan that got them profitable for thirty straight years. While both marches were very different, they utilized the same 20 Mile fundamentals in their path to greatness. They may not
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