Analysis Of ' 42 ' By Brian Helgeland

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The movie, “42” is by Brian Helgeland with the actors Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, the first baseball player that’s black to play with white people in the Major Leagues in the modern era. Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, a Major League executive. Nicole Beharie as Rachel Robinson, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson’s wife. Also, Andre Holland as Wendell Smith a reporter for the Pittsburgh Courier.

The movie, “42” is about a proficient, tough man named Jackie Roosevelt Robinson’s journey of playing baseball in the major leagues with white people, while experiencing the racism and segregation of him being black. In 1945, Brooklyn, New York, the bold well-known, Major League executive, Branch Rickey signs an admirable magnificent baseball player, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson to join the Montreal Royals for spring training. Therefore, Jackie could then display his skills on the baseball field to everyone, and then acquire a spot in the team of the Montreal Royals, then another spot in the team of the Brooklyn Dodgers. After Jackie, being aware of this, he gets thrilled, and approaches a nearby phone booth and calls a gorgeous woman named, Rachel and proposes her to marriage. Rachel accepts the proposal, and the two of them get married. It’s 1946 and it’s finally time for spring training in Sanford Florida and Jackie and Rachel attempt to go together there by plane, where they’ll first have to travel to Daytona Beach. However, while at the airport the check-in assistant…
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