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The United States is made up of two different types of immigrants: those who are born on U.S. soil and those who travel to settle here. However, despite whether one is born in the United States or not for most their lineage runs back to other countries. It is evident that a majority of the U.S. first immigration wave was around the late 1800’s to the 1920’s. This was a time in which many immigrants where leaving their countries due to different reasons and finding prosperity in the U.S. In the book 97 Orchards: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families in One New York Tenement (97 Orchard) by Jane Ziegelman she explores and paints the history of five different immigrant families. The book goes into great detail sharing stories of daily…show more content…
This lead to an increase in imports from Italy and many finding jobs selling these items. As people found jobs selling imports there grew to be tiny shops on the streets to which became Little Italy. An important staple within the community was bread. When reviewing the Baldizzi’s meals each one consisted of bread. Often times the Italians would make a stew of some sorts and would dip their bread in it completing their meal. Bread for the Italians is like tortillas for Latinos, it is a common reliable food that enhances their meal. There is a proverb by Mary Taylor Simeti that states “If I had a saucepan, water and salt, I’d make a bread stew-if I had bread.”

The Italians viewed bread as gold where one might say “good as gold” the Italian phrase would be “good as bread”. The basic mercy of life would be a loaf of bread to the extent that if a piece fell to the ground it was to be kissed as if a child hurt themselves. This shows the significant relationship they hold to this particular item. During this specific time many immigrant families including the Baldizzi’s had a difficult time supplying food weekly. Although it was considered a walk of shame they went down each week to the food shelter. Bread was a holy staple food due to its reliability and accessibility. This was something that paired easily with other foods and was able to give a sense of

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