Analysis Of ' A 350 Bed Not For Profit Supplier Of Surgical And Medical Services ' Scarlett Hospital

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In the case study, a 350 bed not for profit supplier of surgical and medical services, Scarlett Hospital was presented with a dilemma of losing patients. The improvements in infrastructure of transportation have sourced the Scarlett Hospital top executives to reflect on the effect of a construction of new highway might have on the facility. Easy admission to the larger Salem city and its institutions of healthcare fetches the risk of prospective consumer’s loss to Scarlett Hospital. CEO and the president of Scarlett Hospital, Timothy Rogers is endowed with the decision making of discovering finest strategy for the Scarlett hospital to continue being competitive with the bigger facilities in Salem. Timothy Rogers believes his beliefs to…show more content…
Complacency doesn’t breed merely from getting respite when things turn out well. A lot of leaders typical retort to waning performance by turning up the heat. (Prater, 2013) These impulsive actions of leadership might in point of fact have an effect on complacency. Complacency might take place on various levels, both individually and organizationally. Self-satisfaction is the curse of protracting the utmost results level. Over spotlighting on the past might origin complacency, it is feed by beneath focusing in doing those needed modest things right. Timothy Rogers’ philosophy in the case of Scarlett Hospital, of conveying the most excellent healthcare and striving to surpass precedent efforts has lead to a reduction in complacency. There are several lessons we can learn from this case study. Placing short term goals and rejoice accomplishing them. In institutions of healthcare, making it simple for clinical personnel to perceive instant effects of their endeavors with fresh protocols and publically acknowledging improvements. An additional lesson is to admire dedicated champions and leaders. Change needs leaders to be devoted to QI, not merely managers who do the bare minimum to obtain the job done. (Silow, 2007) Institutions must generate a culture where any person can turn out to be a leader and sustain them to achieve so. Executives of Healthcare require being patient and unremitting. Once a commitment is made, by
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