Analysis Of A Beautiful Mind

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A Beautifully Scary Mind
Film Analysis on A Beautiful Mind Most people remember having an imaginary friend growing up when they were young, but when that friend or friends appear in your late 20’s or 30’s as they did for John Nash, the Nobel Prize winning mathematician, they are usually called delusions or hallucinations. These are symptoms of schizophrenia and after making a groundbreaking discovery in the field of economics, Nash began experiencing hallucinations of a best friend, federal agents and soviet spies. The themes of this movie include moving a cross the line from genius to mentally insane and overcoming a great obstacle. In the film, A Beautiful Mind, you watch Nash hit the peak of his career only to be betrayed by his own
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Later, Nash returns to Princeton for a visit and sees Charles and his niece Marcee as well as, an agent for the Department of Defense, agent William Parcher. Parcher recruits Nash to help break a difficult code, which no other codebreaker has yet to solve. After observing his skill for codebreaking, Parcher assigns Nash to discover patterns the Soviet Union had hidden in magazines. He is told to place his findings in a specific mailbox. His new assignment becomes and obsession, but Nash’s major behavior changes arise after a is involves in a shootout between the Soviets and agent Parcher while delivering his report one night to the designated mailbox. This behavior begins to worry Alicia and she calls a psychiatric hospital. All of this unusual behavior accumulates, and during a lecture at Harvard University, he runs from the auditorium because he believes he is being watched by a group of Soviets. However, in reality he is being chased by workers from the psychiatric facility his wife had called. After running from the lecture, they capture and sedate him in order to transfer him to the hospital for treatment. In his mind, he has been kidnapped by Soviet spies in order to retrieve information he has gathered for agent Parcher. Alicia visits the mailbox he believes he has been delivering top-secret information to and find a stack of letters that have never been opened, and brings them to the hospital in order to try and help her husband realize
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