Analysis Of A Beautiful Mind

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I had a class where a couple of student had a presentation about Schizophrenia and when we got this assignment, I wanted to see if this film would be the type of film to portray people with schizophrenic with a comprehensive determination, and then avoid the usual judgements such as a person that is really terrifying, psychotic, killer or just plain rare person.

As read and saw the film of "A Beautiful Mind," John Nash is perceived as a scary guy. From the scene where he leaves his child in the tub because he thinks that his friend Charles is looking over the child while he is doing something else, where he almost hurts his wife while he listens to the voice that tells him to finish her, the film pictures Nash as a man who can be dangerous when he is faced with an episode. Putting aside my own thoughts, I have to add that this story has great strengths, thanks to the great performances of Russell Crowe as John Nash, and Jennifer Connelly that plays his wife Alicia.

Crowe gives a impeccable and beautiful performance, and almost makes it perfect. In his character of John Nash they showed many sides of him: the painfully disagreeable child at Princeton, the sarcastic humorist, the rightfully arrogant mathematician, the anxious and pitiful receiver of the full invasion of psychotically hallucinations, and these characterizations are basically working. But the young Nash, despite being an outstanding unconventional genius on his first postgraduate research, he is not that
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