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In the well-known musical Rent, that is set in the 1990s, the story follows a group of penurious and artistic New Yorkers and how they live their lives throughout a whole year. Mark, a blooming filmmaker, struggles to find his place in the world after his girlfriend dumps him; his roommate, Rodger, is a HIV-positive musician and is trying to find out how he will make an impact before he dies, so he brought out his old guitar. Both Mimi and Angel are trying to find love through the harsh reality of being HIV-positive, while still being so young and the successful Joanne seeks faithfulness through her younger, wilder girlfriend Maureen. Throughout the show you get to follow this group’s dreams, losses, and love stories all while they weave together to create a stunningly raw and emotional portrait of what it is like to live in a gritty part of the world with a life taking disease. Rent is unlike any other musical in many ways. Besides the fact that all entertainment is filled with emotions, most musicals are filled with extensive spotlights, moving scenery, cliché story lines, and showy costumes but Rent is the complete opposite. This production takes away all titles that comes along with the word “musical” and becomes its own little genre under the title of musical theatre. It plays with a sub-genre known as “rock opera” and has songs that are soulful (I’ll Cover You) to more techno (Today 4 U). The various mixes of the different styles of music shows how Jonathan Larson,

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