Analysis Of A Bowling Essay

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Bowling There are a lot of steps for bowling. The very first step is to find your weight of the bowling ball and your shoe size. When you start bowling every person is different on where they need to stand at and how far back or how far forward. By the time you bowl for a while you will find out on where you need to stand. I stand on the left by the second dot and throw my ball on the second arrow on the right. People that bowl with straight balls stand in the middle and just throw it down the lane. When I first started bowling I just threw a ball down the lane. But now I throw a curveball that comes back inside. So what that all means I can stand on the left and throw it on the right side of the lane and if the timing is all right it will come back and it will come right into the pocket. I’m sure all of you guys are wondering what the pocket means and what it means is…show more content…
A straight ball is where the ball stays in one spot of doesn't move at all unless the lanes are really dry then it will hook. A curve ball moves no matter what and if the lanes are dry the curve ball will hook extremely. So that is the difference between the two different types of bowling balls. The object of bowling is to knock down as many pins as possible. For High School bowling you bowl two individuals games and the five bakers. The most common baker style is to be the 5 person format where bowler 1 bowls frames 1 and 6, bowler 2 bowls frames 2 and 7, bowler 3 bowls frames 3 and 8, bowler 4 bowls frames 4 and 9 and bowler 5 bowls frames 5 and 10. The order is set at the beginning of the match but can be changed after the completion of each game. So these are the pretty basic steps I do when I bowl. And you guys may think bowling is a hard sport to be good at but it just takes time. It took me like three years to get pretty good at it. It's a pretty competitive sport if you bowl the right
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