Analysis Of A Chimney Sweeper By William Blake

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Have you ever heard about chimney sweepers? Well if you haven't chimney sweepers are little kids between the age of 4 and 7 who are forced to climb up inside chimneys and clean residue off from walls. These little children suffered from serious injuries physically, internally and mentally. This torture started to build a deadly cancer because of all the toxins they would intake and to force children to clean faster they would start a fire at the bottom. In some cases these children would have serious burns or burn to death. The masters would buy in these children just to have them clean chimneys and sleep in a cold basement on soot along with a dozen others. The master sweepers would let these children starve, no bath, no clothes etc. the trend of having a chimney sweeper didn't start until the 16th century in england and buy the 17th century it became more common because fires would start due to the over residue built up within the chimney. William Blake is a victim of being a chimney sweeper. His father sold him away when he was only 5 years old. After his father sold him he would walk along the sidewalk barely able to say sweep because of how young he was. As he got older he wrote a few poems, one of innocence and the other for experience. Reading these poems contains such imagery from the strong diction used and tone. They give such context as to what blake would see.. In William Blake's first poem, “The Chimney Sweeper” (from Songs of Innocence), the tone used created such imagery with the diction used. When reading this poem you hear the misery, pain and suffering not only did he go through but all the children that were being neglected from personal hygiene, hunger, and body protection (clothes). He uses both negative and positive words to give the reader an idea as to what he saw and felt. Negative were used more than positive because being a chimney sweeper wasn't fun when you were 5 6 or 7 years old and seeing other little kids die from the cancer from the toxins inhaled and some even burning in the chimney. William also gives a brief story of what happened to his friend tom and then telling a dream of hopefulness to get away from the torture that an angel saved them from but then just to wake up
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