Analysis Of A Counselling Session Using A Case Conceptualisation And Drop Out Risk

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Analysis of a Counselling Session using a Case Conceptualisation and Drop-out Risk. Counselling has one aim: to help the client. This is a simple aim however it is often difficult to put into effect, this was experienced first-hand in the practice therapy session. Counselling encourages individuals to develop a self-awareness and enables them to make changes in their lives (Cross, 2010). The use of micro-skills is essential in any counselling session as it ensures that the client feels heard and understood and the use of the skills impacts the strength of the therapeutic relationship (Geldard and Geldard, 2005; Lambert & Barley, 2001). The following will outline a summary of the session as well as the clients presenting problems and my aims when approaching this particular session. The video will then be analysed in relation to the micro-skills that were displayed or were attempted, the essay will then outline a case conceptualisation in regards to this particular client and the factors that may influence them to prematurely discontinue with the therapy sessions. Elham, The client, was a 21 year old Lebanese-Australian female who was feeling stressed and anxious about university, she had an upcoming surgery and was worried about how this would impact her university work. She was also trying to maintain her work and home life. She discussed the importance of her family and how they gave her support and strength to carry on, she also discusses her coping strategies as

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