Analysis Of A Fighting Chance By Elizabeth Warren

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What would you do if you saw a problem, a problem that was apparent in every community; would you try to fix it? In the book, “A Fighting Chance” by Elizabeth Warren, she saw a problem and she planned to be part of the solution. The antagonist (Elizabeth Warren) was a brilliant law professor who observed how banks were abusing the common people. She researched and fought for these families who went bankrupt and lost everything they had once owned. She spoke to hundreds and thousands of families who had suffered at the hands of Wall Street. Warren was fierce and never gave up her attempt at helping the working class. These were some of her trials, tributes, and accomplishments. Elizabeth Warren grew up in Oklahoma and lead a simple life. She had always aspired to be a teacher and attended Rutgers University. She had married fairly young and had her daughter Amelia. Soon after she had her son Alex. Her teaching career began at Rutgers teaching night classes. Warren loved teaching and dreamed of her position becoming permanent. Her first husband Jim was relocating to Houston, TX for his job. Warren soon got a job at the University of Houston. After this promising professorship, she worked at prestigious colleges such as University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. Her passion for teaching was indescribable. During her years of teaching, she found many pressing problems with our economy and how blue collared families were getting the short end of the deal. Throughout
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