Analysis Of ' A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night ' Essay

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The film ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’, director Ana Lily Amirpour, is a mixture of genres such as the Spaghetti Western, the teenage romance, and the vampire genre. The clash of genres in this film brings out the idea of hybridity and duality, with the sounds and cinematography creating a sense of ambiguity, or the ‘in-between’. The underlying mix brings out a sense of horror for the overall feel of the film as it leaves audiences with a sense of fear and realisation that not everything is as it seems. The spaghetti western genre is a part of the mix of genres which provide the film with its theme of duality and hybridity, and Amirpour has chosen to feed this genre through with the character of the girl. Typical of the spaghetti western genre, the character is nameless. Audiences do not have the privilege of finding out her name, and in the title she is referred to as ‘A Girl’. This feel of uncertainty is heightened with a sense of fear when the only information we are presented about her is when she tells Arash that she has ‘done bad things’. She is representative of the spaghetti western hero in her characteristics and actions. Untiedt, upon analysing the fictional western hero, states that the first defining characteristic of the western hero is isolation (7). Here the Girl is always seen to be walking alone, she has no companions, and lives by herself. Dualism is brought out within the character, as the western hero has a desire to ‘explore without settling’ (7).
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