Analysis Of A Good Man By Mark K. Shriver

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In the novel, ‘A Good Man’, Mark K. Shriver describes his father as an honorable man, a caring husband, a good social worker, but most importantly “A Good Man”. He considers his father’s accomplishments, as well as his founding of the Peace Corps, and his contribution to President Johnson’s War on Poverty. Sargent Shriver follows three guiding principles––Faith, Hope and Love, which Mark follows later. Mark tells us about his journey during his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease by sharing some personal stories. Mark wants to know why everyone calls him “A Good Man’, and gives him such respect. To honor his father’s deeds, he decides to write a novel that becomes the best representation of what it takes to be “A Good Man”. Although the…show more content…
It has always been Marywood’s first concern as the University requires students to have certain volunteer hours to graduate. There are so many clubs on campus that involves community service. Not only the University forces students do it, but student love volunteering at various activities. Likewise, the Shriver family has contributed to many things and did a lot of service in the community. In the novel, ‘A Good Man’, Mark says, “ I was running Save the Children’s U.S. Programs and on the road at least two days a week, pitching prospective donors, lobbying state and federal elected officials, and seeing the kids in our programs.” (Shriver, 5) He was the Senior Vice President at the U.S. Programs of Save the Children in Washington, D.C.. This shows us how committed he was toward service. Mark also created the The Choice program, where he served in the Maryland state legislature for eight years. Not only him, but his father was also someone who loved to serve others from which Mark learned. Mark says, “ He was getting important things done––still traveling the world, meeting prime ministers and presidents, working tirelessly and effectively to open the doors of freedom and opportunity for people who had historically been denied those things.” (Shriver 3) This shows how important service was for Sargent, that he was trying to improve lives every second by giving many opportunities to people in…show more content…
Everyone in the family deeply believed in God. Mark wrote down his dad’s thought on faith. It says. “Inspire us with the faith that God is above us and with us and that He will help us if we will do what is right.” (Shriver 17) They believed that God was always there to help you if you are doing the right thing. Faith is also Marywood’s main core value. The Catholic Identity at Marywood tells us about the pursuit of truth, goodness, beauty, justice, and the common good. Mark K. Shriver not only describes faith and service, but also the family’s belief in giving respect to everyone. Mark describes his father as a very honored and a respectful human being. Everyone came up to him and said what a good man he was. His dad’s assistant, Jeannie Main tells him that she worked thirty-three years for his dad. She also tells Mark that his dad was very understanding with everyone. Later, Mark also tells us about receiving so many e-mails and letters from the people who he didn’t know about. People look at Sargent as the most respectful man. Respect is one of the Marywood’s core values. It believes in respecting the uniqueness and the dignity of each person. ‘A Good Man’ not only teaches us how to become a good person in the community, but it also teaches us how to become a good child to our
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