Analysis Of A Good Man Is Hard To Find By Flannery OConnor

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In the short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O'Connor, O’Connor discusses the story of a family who goes on a vacation to Florida. In this short story, many events happen that lead to a tragic ending. Let me give you a quick glimpse into what the story entails. Everyone is pretty pleased with this vacay spot except for well… the grandmother. The grandmother had quite the attitude about this trip. She claimed she didn't want to go to Florida because she says there's a dangerous criminal on the loose called the misfit but no one really thinks twice about it and still make there way from Georgia to Florida. So one day on the trip the grandmother starts telling the kids about this one plantation and the kids get so amused with it that they start dying to go see it. So they somehow talk Bailey(the father of the kids/grandmothers son) to take them to see it. Then while they are driving, the grandmother realizes that the plantation actually isn't anywhere near them, it's actually in Tennessee. The grandma is in such disbelief that she jerks and lets go of the cat that she brought on the trip(oh yes she brought a cat that no one knew she brought) it flung onto Baileys shoulder and bailey got so scared that he got into a car accident. Thankfully everyone turned out to be okay except the car of course. So then they wait a while for a car to come along and a little later one does, and little do they know, it's the misfit and his two friends, the grandmother realizes who
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