Analysis Of ' A Lot Can Be Learned About Rhetoric, And The Integrity Of Women And Gender Studies

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A lot can be learned about rhetoric by looking at these two articles: “5 Charts That Show Sexism Is Still Alive and Well in Gaming” and “The Integrity of Women and Gender Studies”. One portrays the gaming community as sexist and underrepresenting women (Kleeman) while the other condemns modern feminism for treating women as victims and “vilifying” men (Frohlich). The first uses many logical arguments that are used to bring emotion to the reader, and make them feel like certain things are ethically wrong (Kleeman). The second uses a slightly different technique, since it is explicitly an opinion piece (Frohlich). It leads the author to be trusted by the reader, and then presents the author’s opinions that are backed by logical arguments (Frohlich). It also causes the reader to experience emotional and ethical feelings (Frohlich).
5 Charts That Show Sexism Is Still Alive and Well in Gaming This text is published by a media company called Mic. Their target audience is young people and they cover a wide variety of subjects such as News, Arts, and Technology (Mic /about). The author of this article is Sophie Kleeman, who, according to her profile on, covers the “intersection of tech and culture” (Mic /profiles/152573/sophie-kleeman) The first section of the article (first four paragraphs) introduces the topic by providing examples women in gaming being harassed (Kleeman).
The first paragraph specifies several specific names: Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and Brianna Wu…
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