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In “A&P”, John Updike uses compelling diction, language, and description to enhance the perspective of Sammy within the story and his final decision to quit his job. The use of imagery within the supermarket develops the environment Sammy worked in to a greater extent and painted diverse pictures of the customers. The derogatory descriptions of Lengel and some customers was also significant in terms of revealing Sammy’s emotions about his job at A&P. The nature of the situation with the girls and descriptive language of the customers and environment were also significant factors.A spontaneous effort to portray Sammy’s power and independence was a significant aspect Updike made more interesting by implementing dialogue, diction, and theme.…show more content…
He saw a potential opportunity to talk to the girls, but the fact that Lengel had made them blush in a negative way had angered him as he felt the embarrassment was unnecessary. The combined frustration of his environment convinced him to attempt to be the “hero” and win over the girl’s attention even though it was a failure. Updike writes, “The girl, and who'd blame them, are in a hurry to get out, so I say “I quit” to Lengel quick enough for them to hear, hoping they’ll stop and watch me, their unsuspected hero.” Later on he continues, “I look around for my girls, but they’re gone.” Such dialogue hints that his desire to win the girls over was also a minor contribution toward his departure from A&P especially when he states, ‘“You didn’t have to embarrass them.”’ Sammy’s inability to conform to Lengel’s power and the future A&P had in store for him was also well portrayed through the description and diction in the story. The author made it known that achieving a promotion in the A&P was not so simple. “I forgot to say he thinks he’s going to be manager some sunny day, maybe in 1990 when it’s called the Great Alexandro and Petrooshki Tea Company or something.” Internally Sammy felt that if he had remained in this job he would have been helplessly waiting for a promotion some day. Sammy’s doubtfulness is seen in the words “thinks” and sarcasm from the words “maybe in 1990..”

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