Analysis Of A Quantitative Research Article Essay

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Analysis of a Quantitative Research Article
“My PICOT statement was: “In elderly hospitalized patients 60 years of age and above, do specific fall prevention interventions, as compared to standard care, reduce the amount of falls in an inpatient setting, during their hospitalization?” For this paper I will be reviewing a quantitative research article based around my PICOT on fall risk within the hospital setting. Patient falls within the hospital setting are a nursing-sensitive quality indicator based around the delivery and care of inpatient services. As identified by the American Nurses Association, “fall rates are perceived to be the indicator that could be most improved through safety strategies and interventions” (ANA, 2002, p.179). In order to create safety strategies to improve fall risk it is important to identify which preventative measures work best within the hospital. This paper will be reflecting on the peer-reviewed Quantitative journal article found on the GCU database titled, Effectiveness of multifaceted and tailored strategies to implement a fall-prevention guideline into acute care nursing practice: a before-and after, mixed-method study using a participatory action research approach. Within this research article it states the severity of inpatient falls, specifically in the elderly, stating, “Falls are a common problem in hospitals, particularly in patients aged 65 and older. Around 30% of all persons aged 65 or older suffer a fall each
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