Analysis Of A Quick Nap

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and the outside world begin?”; “Where and when do you most enjoy the quality of light in your home”; “Have you ever been in transit between two homes?” These questions get viewers thinking about connections to their own experiences, and also serve as a summary of the label itself. One of the art pieces that were being focused on was Walter Henry Williams’ oil on canvas painting, “A Quick Nap”. His piece titled ‘ A Quick Nap ‘ stood out to me along my browse throughout the museum. Its interesting color scheme grabbed me; I believed there was a tale to the story.
The lightly glossed, oil painted canvas depicts a little girl dozing by the red railing of a fire escape above the city streets. The little girl is seen to be resting her head on her right hand, napping. Walter Williams contrasts the curves of the girl’s soft pink dress with the hard grid of the ironwork and straight lines of the window that reflects similar fire escapes across the street. A rooftop water tower is outlined against the haze of the evening sky, and a skylight punctures the roof below.
The fire escape became more than an emergency exit in a burning building. It is used for everything from outdoor to dining to sleeping and gardening, opening up the home to the surrounding city like a “porch in the sky” or “private get-away”.
I gazed at the little girl in the foreground; the reflecting glass in the mid-ground, and the evening sky in the background. The painting is sized at about 24 inches by 30 inches.
While observing this painting, several questions came to mind, like a bulb became lit. Questions about the sky, the dress, the sun, the reflection in the door, and the rooftop water tank were formed in my mind. I even wondered where Williams was while observing.
The pink dress being worn by the little girl appears to have the softest color, it is light cool and comfortable, which is most compelling and contrasting being the only curves in the frame.
The sun is low in the skyline showing the time of day, possibly early evening and at the same time sets the tone for the artwork. I can imagine an evening with a full household of at least 5 including the little girl. She has retreated to her place of tranquil and serenity.
The rooftop water
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