Analysis Of A Recent Service Experience Essay

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Assignment 1


A recent service experience Recently, I had a very awful experience with Uber service which makes me realize the difficulty of perfect service. I tried to call an Uber car, two month ago, to the Miami international airport. It took about 30 minutes before the driver finally showed up and she claimed that my apartment was very hard to locate. Meanwhile, I was aware that she barely speaks English. She told me she just came from Cuba one month ago and only speaks Spanish but I merely speak. According to recent study found that there are 66.37% of Miami-Dade’s residents speak Spanish, while those who only speak English make up 28.07% (MLA, 2010). Then, she set up navigation bring me to the destination. However, she missed the first exit of highway without noticed and refused my help. I suggestion her exist next one and go back to the first exist we just missed. Unfortunately, she kept following the navigator, eventually stopped at a cargo warehouse and told me she got lost. I had no choice but to use my GPS got us arrived at the airport finally. Moreover, I was charged for those extra miles due to Uber system calculation.
Analysis the implication of this experience This negative experience makes very disappointing with Uber. The lady is not qualified as a professional drive. She didn’t offering a quality service nor cost performance. I choose Uber instead of cab company because it is more
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