Analysis Of A Robin's Egg From Flourish Chocolate

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A Robin’s Egg from Flourish Chocolate is not so much a desert as it is an experience. By opening the box in its eponymous shade of blue, you find an assortment of small eggs in an explosion of bespeckled iridescence and color. At first glance, you are certain that these eggs are not edible, let alone made of chocolate. The eggs look like small jewels or works of art fit for display. When you turn over in your hand, the egg shimmers and changes colors. You take a hesitant bite: the first notes are rich flavors of dark chocolate that soon give way to white chocolate, saffron and turmeric, a combination of orange and ginger undertones. Its unlike any chocolate you’ve tasted before. Beyond the unique flavor and beautiful appearance of Flourish’s…show more content…
After graduation, she moved to France and took a position as an interpreter at the famed La Varene culinary school in Paris. In exchange, Holly was allowed to attend the schools night and weekend classes. Among other skills, she learned how to craft pastries, how to prepare classic french dishes, and how to temper chocolates by hand. Several years later, while planning the menu for a V Foundation for cancer research event honoring Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Holly drew on the chocolate tempering skills she had homed in Paris. “I kept thinking about Robin Roberts, and I thought I could do a Robin’s egg,” Hannah says. And then my brain turned to all the cancer fighting ingredients I could use. That was the first time I served them” The eggs were a hit and soon production of Robin’s Egg chocolates—which grew from one flavor into 9—moved to its own kitchen. Although a machine now tempers the chocolate, each one goes through a 7-step process, including hand painting. “I don’t think there’s a more complicated chocolate,” Holly says. Holly donates a portion of the profits from the sales of her robin’s egg chocolates to the V Foundation, and to culinary cancer research at the American institute of Cancer
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