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Gendered Writing Seen from the ‘I’ Perspective
——A Critical Analysis of an Extract of ‘The Fifth Edition’ through Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’ Chapter Six’
This extract was taken from Mabel E. Wotton’s ‘The Fifth Edition’. This conversation takes place when and Joan Suttaby gives in Franklyn Leyden’s decision of going for a drive in a hansom. It is the first time that Miss Suttaby has taken a hansom and has talked with a writer. The excitement lets Miss Suttaby’s guard down and they talk about something meaningful.
The narrator thinks that men have a more confidence position in expressing his ideas than women. The arrogant protagonist Leyden is a good example of the man. Although his statements are illogical, he stills feels good about it. In the passage, Leyden ‘was not quite sure what he meant, though he thought it sounded well.’ Besides, instead of improving it himself, he counts on the woman’s answer since he knows that she would ‘furnish the keynote to what she believed she had discovered in him’. As he realizes how much Miss Stuttaby admires him, he is pretty sure that she would regulate it well. The reason how he gained this blind confidence has a lot to do with men’s relatively higher position in the social ladder. Men are certain that women would not criticize their logical gap because of women’s compliant nature and would interpret their words and the hidden message, if there’s any. Therefore, Leyden wouldn’t even bother to think what he wants to say,

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