Analysis Of A Room With A View

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In A Room With A View by E.M. Forester, the entire plot takes place in two cities/towns: The dramatic city Florence, Italy, and the quiet, peaceful countryside of England. Both of these places are vastly different from one another, and each in turn influences the character’s attitudes, beliefs, and actions throughout the novel. The contrast in settings throughout the novel for the main characters work to build the theme of growth and maturation throughout the work and affect the course of events towards the end, through both the physical and social nature of Florence and the countryside. The novel starts off in the urban city of Florence, Italy, where Lucy and her cousin Charlotte have arrived for their trip. Florence is portrayed to be a somewhat hectic, crazy, and wild place where anything goes. In the first couple of days there, Lucy managed to get lost, witness a murder, got kissed by her new acquaintance George, and saw many beautiful churches. (Chapter 4, pages 27-31) This creates the general characterization of Florence, Italy and this characterization is present later in Lucy’s fiancee Cecil Vyse. This is where Lucy begins to be amazed at the wildness of Florence. She is taken aback by everything she sees, especially witnessing a murder and fainting in the square. Later in the novel, Lucy and her family return to the countryside of England where they begin to settle down. The countryside is generally characterized in the novel as being a quiet, less dramatic,
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