Analysis Of A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

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These stories were interesting reads. It shows the norm of gender roles back then. And they were somewhat accurate. My bosses are both female, and if I would have said that back in the day, it would have been blasphemous. The majority of us, mostly the younger generation, look back on gender roles and see the way women were treated and we think it’s awful. But back then; men didn’t see it as a problem. It was normal to them. The reason why I enjoyed both of these stories was because it opened my eyes on how cruel man can be to his woman counterpart.

“A Rose for Emily” was quite interesting. In the story, Emily was a traditionalist. Before her death, she fought not to have metal numbers on the side of her house when the postal service was introduced in the town. With a growing town, it was as if Emily’s house was the last vestige of a lost era. In my eyes, that shows traditionalist. That’s like how the older generation today refuses to stay away from cell phones or computers. My grandpa before he passed never touched a computer in his life. Because well, he felt like he didn’t need to. It was foreign to him, and there was no need to keep up with the times when the times he lived in were just right for him. Like Emily saw things.

“A Doll’s House” gave us a clearer picture of gender roles back in the day. I’m not saying that “A Rose for Emily” did no such thing, it did. But the message was clear in this one. Men were property owners and women were the property. This story
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