Analysis Of ' A Sound Of Thunder '

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Aidan Dolinar
Mrs. Kelley-Weakely
Honors English
Period 5
The Coward’s way "A Sound of Thunder" (Ray Bradbury) and "The Lottery" (Shirley Jackson) are both connected through a specific quality that characters in both stories contain. That quality is the inability to make good decisions. When faced with alarming or stressful situations, Eckels, Travis, and the townsfolk in the lottery, make bad decisions. The townsfolk blunder through their life, blindly following the unjust tradition to stone someone to death each year. Eckels and Travis are both cowards, and cowards tend to make bad decisions because they are selfish. Both stories are connected by these cowardly people that make bad decisions. The lottery townsfolk are put under pressure by not a person, but by tradition. Tradition makes them scared, and fear blinds people. Traditions can have many beginnings, but ones such as this, with no positive result, are simply a terrible decision. However, the townsfolk believe in tradition, and this pressures them into going along with this horrible idea. When Mrs. Hutchinson is chosen, she also makes a bad decision. Fear can cause denial, which, in Mrs. Hutchinson’s case, can lead to your death. Instead of turning tail and running from her fate, she stands and lets the other townsfolk surround her, simply saying, “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right,” (The Lottery). Then simply letting the other townsfolk kill her
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