Analysis Of A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire’s plot thickens throughout scenes three, four, and five. The third act begins with Stanley hosting a poker night in his very own tiny kitchen. All men were married except one. Stella had arranged an evening out with Blanche to let the gentlemen have their own space. When the two women returned in the late, dark hours of the night, the taking and dealing of poker was still going on. Blanche quickly found herself making conversation with Mitch, the unmarried man. The two were interrupted when Stanley and Stella pursue an argument over the radio being on and he hits her. Stella and Blanche rush upstairs while the men get ahold of Stanley and quickly collect their earnings and leave. Stella eventually returns to Stanley after many shouts of sorrow. Blanche has tried her absolute best to explain to Stella that he is an animal and that she deserves so much better. However, Stella is in love and knows that he was sorry when he apologized and fixed the radio. The Fifth scene concludes as Blanche has kissed a young man right before Mitch shows up at her doorstep with roses. Firstly, I think my choice to read this play was still a good pick because I am loving the drama and mysteriousness of it. Each page opens up a new story and the plot gets deeper. Blanche is still the center of attention as she constantly tries to prove Stella that she deserves better and continuously pushes others to choke herself with compliments. It seems as though Blanche is still
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