Analysis Of A Theoretical Framework For Leadership

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Analysis of a Theoretical Framework for Leadership
The book selected for the assignment is, ‘Be a people person: Effective leadership through effective relationships,’ by John C. Maxwell. Mr. Maxwell is an author, speaker, leadership expert who is internationally recognized and a pastor. He wrote books on leadership (The John Maxwell Company, n.d.). He has a doctorate in ministry and started his career as a pastor. After 14 years of preaching the word of God, he devoted himself to speaking and writing. He became a religious leader (Christian Books Previews, n.d.). Maxwell has recognized the role of interpersonal relationships in making and breaking a leader. He has also realized the importance of developing personal skills from the people (Victor Books, 2002). In his book, Maxwell explains how a person who follows can turn to a leader by connecting with people and relating to them from a biblical perspective. The author places 50 percent emphasis on others, 25 percent on self and the remaining 25 percent on God in his approach to the followers (Barnes and Noble, n.d.).
Leadership Traits
In his book Maxwell shows the reader the paths that are adoptable to achieve the role of a leader. This book emphasizes on the servant leadership and about the significance of helping others to achieve the common goal. The techniques mentioned in the book revolve around instilling love and confidence in the followers and gaining their respect. Maxwell accepts the diversity among people and
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