Analysis Of ' A Time For Burning '

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A Time for Burning, is a short documentary on the churches response to racial tension. This film was very stimulating for a time a change and I think it was a mirror for a lot of people in the churches and elsewhere. There was a lot of hidden bias and racial tension, and racial discrimination that wasn’t on the surface. The film is displayed on the concept of cinema veritee; where the camera gets what it can and then the people who are getting filmed become familiar with it and they view the camera persons who are making the film as part of their community at the time. As I result of that, as the viewer I felt that I got much more honest than scripted lines or if they asked them to prepare predetermined statements and all that. The documentary travel on a journey of white Omaha pastor, Bill Youngdhal in his effort to link the racial rift in his segregated community. He worked for the Lutheran Church in civil rights, at a 1,000 member all white church. His outwardly temperate initiative towards integration does not go so well with a lot of the congregation members. As his journey to thought-provoking the prejudiced views towards race, he visits and discusses members of his congregation as well as African Americans at a nearby church. Bill Youngdahl procced to further ask his white congregation to stretch out to neighboring black worshippers in the awareness of racial settlement and integration. With the idea of getting the whites to integrate brought many
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