Analysis Of ' A Wild Beast '

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It was just another day in Auschwitz, with gloomy prisoners working as hard as they could so they would not be chosen for the ovens. Rivka, Shifre, Esther, and Chaya or Hannah from the future were young, healthy girls who were doing their daily jobs. Their faces showed displeasure and grief as they were fixing the water pumps. Some other prisoner’s like Gitl, Yitzchak, and Wolfe or Grandpa were working on other arduous tasks.

Suddenly, they heard noise start to come from behind the dead bushes. All the girls looked at each other puzzled, and then they tried to guess what this noise could be coming from. ¨Do you think it is an animal?” Shifre says. “A wild beast?¨, said Esther. “It can’t be.” Chaya says nervously. “Stop being such babies, I will go see.” Rivka says.

Rivka paused her work, and started to encroach the dead bushes with curiosity, and then she saw a baby, not a monster, or a wild beast, just a baby. Then she picked the infant up, and grinned from ear to ear as if it was her sibling. Rivka cradled the baby in her arms and rocked him back and forth to quiet him. Then she walked over to the girls, and said, “It’s just a baby boy. Nothing to be afraid of, see it’s just an adorable, lovable, sweet, kind baby.”

Soon enough a guard approached them, looked down and told them, “I was told ones who do not work are to go over there.” He pointed to the cave. Then for a while Shifre started to protest. “But you never take healthy hard workers it’s against the rules!”…
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