Analysis Of AP Language And Article : The Causes Of Teens

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Jenna Gervase Mrs. Arciero AP Language and Composition 25 August 2017 Editorials July Staff writer Vashti Harris in the Suburban editorial “Local residents learn how pipeline would affect Raitan Bay“(July 19, 2017) agrees with local residents that the Williams Transco Pipeline will only cause annoyance to local residents and threaten lives of animals. The noise of the drills needed to build this pipeline will disrupt many residents of New Jersey, and once it is built, it will disrupt the rivers recreational value, and both kill and disturb species such as dolphins, whales, and fish-- all for a pipeline that, according to ReThink Energy NJ, will only bring gas to New York. The purpose of his writing is to inform New Jersey residents about…show more content…
Trump claims that he would let Obama care implode on its own, however, measures that he can easily and probably will inflict suggest otherwise, such as ending subsidies coming from Washington, causing premiums to rise and healthy people dropping out, leaving only the sick, causing the premiums to increase even more. The purpose of the Board’s article is to make the reader see the obvious sabotage that will occur to kill Obamacare, hoping that with this information, they will go out and be wary of the president’s actions. Due to the serious and hard to grasp subject matter, the writer keeps a grim, formal tone and attempts to simplify the situation so that the audience of citizens concerned and confused over the healthcare debate can understand what occuring is In The Economist article done by their European staff titled “Germany’s far-right party will make the Bundestag much noisier” (August 24, 2017), they assert that having members of the AfD join the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, can have drastic effects on how the country and parliament run. In the article, they tell about how the AfD moved away from their old values and towards anti- Islam sentiments, and are known to be quite radical, causing the members of the party to be silenced and dismissed by the rest of the state government
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