Analysis Of Aaron 's Communication Interaction

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The purpose of this memo is to discuss Aaron 's communication interaction, his professional ethics, examples of negative effects of poor communication, and how the KEYS process can help Aaron to communicate more efficiently. In order to complete this, we must be aware of which behaviors of Aaron 's were wrong, and how to correct them. In each of my four answers, I will provide a sufficient response with a solution. In the end, I will discuss my closing thoughts. Confrontation is something that should be avoided in the workplace. It is not professional to be aggressive or judgmental towards other employees. Having a confrontational attitude will not produce positive results. It is clear that Aaron 's attitude caused other 's to be apprehensive about email communication. This proves that his method of communication is not ideal. If Aaron wishes to get through to his fellow employees, he is goig to have to slow down and explain everything to them. By continuing to communicate this way, his coworkers will never stop asking him questions. The confrontational method is very accusatory. His coworkers feel that they have done something wrong. In reality, Aaron is causing everyone in the group to become disconnected from each other, which causes problems for their project. Being confrontational is very unprofessional. If Aaron wants to lead people, he has to understand their perspectives. It is imperative that he gives each employee an opportunity to ask questions without being

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