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Luke has been assigned a confidential project, by ABC, to build an adult entertainment retail store on a new plot of land. However, this project will result in lower property values for the residents in the surrounding neighborhood – which Luke’s brother, Owen, resides in. Owen tells Luke that he has received an offer to sell his house but debates whether or not to wait for a better offer in the near future1.

ISSUE: In this scenario, Luke is conflicted with maintaining the trust of his employers or helping a close family member by revealing details of the project. Should he disclose the announcement date of the project and relevant information regarding future property values? Or should he feign ignorance even though Owen is consulting him about selling his house?
Luke seems to be primarily concerned about his obligations to keep work-related information confidential1. If he chooses to reveal the project, Luke will earn his brother’s gratitude (for preventing a loss in sale) at the expense of ruining his reputation in the company which may cost him future projects. If he chooses otherwise, Luke wouldn’t need to worry about the possibility of breaking business policies or an appearance of impropriety, the appearance that his actions are improper2, but risks ruining his close relationship with Owen (if he decides to sell his house later).

The first perspective of ethical decision making is the utilitarian theory. The utilitarian view…

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