Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln 's First Inaugural Address

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In Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address, he mentions that “the better angels of our nature” will soon become prominent again within the Union. The better angels of our nature can be better understood by describing the “angels” as the morals and redeeming qualities that make people human. These “angels” include empathy, compassion, hope, joy, love, and the desire to strive for more. In Christianity, these “angels” could also be related the fruits of the spirit; the characteristics that come from the idea that humans are made in God’s image. These “angels” are what Lincoln hoped for in 1861, and what America today can use to find hope in a sin infested world. The election of 2016 of President-Elect Donald Trump has stirred up emotions on all spectrums of the political scale. People are overjoyed and depressed over the results, and the reasons very from foreign policy to reproductive rights. Some would argue that the results have led them to believe that there is no hope left in this country, while others would argue that President-Elect Trump will bring about the new hope the country has been searching for over the past 8 years. No matter how right or left people may lean politically, there are some signs in the United States of America that hope is still alive and well; there might just have to be some sifting through limitations to be able to see this hope. One of the major limitations that people in America today see is the concept of looking through a different
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