Analysis Of Adam Clymer 's ' The Presidency Of The United States '

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Mohammed Miah
Professor Francine Widrich
POLS101/Assignment 4
Chapter 6
18 November 2014

When someone is given a “second try,” is it not true that one would expect the individual to excel in comparison to his/her “first try”? This is an important question to consider, especially when dealing with significant roles/leaders within society, such as the President of the United States. When President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, many people had high expectations throughout his four years, and when he was reelected in 2012, people believed he would do better during a second term. As an incumbent, he had the edge against his advocate Mitt Romney; if Obama was such a good president, then people would have all the more reason to vote for him a second time. However, there are many opinions on how he might do over the next four years either as an individual or compared to previous presidents. In Adam Clymer’s “Triumphant Obama Faces New Foe in Second-Term Curse,” he briefly described the possibility of Obama facing challenges during his second term due to the history of presidents in their second term. He first starts off by using the term “second –term curse,” which can be defined as the belief that presidents often do worse during their second term as compared to their first term (Clymer 105). For example, during the second term of the following presidents, they faced a couple of controversies: Franklin Roosevelt lost hold of Congress with his 1937 plan to…
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