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The poem Africa was authored by David Diop, who was a French West African poet known for his contribution to the Negritude literary movement, his anti-colonial stance, and his hope for the independence of the African continent. David Diop was born in Bordeaux, France, born to West African descendent parents. Through this poem, Diop conveys his deep love, disappointment, and optimism for the continent of Africa. The poet does this through celebrating and appreciating Africa as his own origin, lamenting for the oppression that Africa faces, as well as expressing his strong optimism for the hope of the future Africa is yet to realize. Likewise, the poet makes use of different symbols, imagery, repetition, and personification of the…show more content…
As a result, this section of the poem invites the reader to sympathize with the poet as he mourns for his beloved Africa. The last section of the poem is introduced by the transitioning ending of the lamentation which changes from expressing the sorrows resulting from the plight of Africa to questioning the future and destiny of this place. The poet uses a mystical voice which seems to indicate that his questions and attitude of Africa are too pessimistic and that Africa's future looks more hopeful than he is capable of perceiving at the moment. This can be seen when Diop says that it is through patience and stubbornness Africa puts forth its new shoots to grow its fruits of liberty. The poem ends this way by the poet painting an optimistic, beautiful, image of his ancestral land, which is heading for its bright future amidst the obstacles it faces. Throughout Africa, Deop utilizes personification as a tool to reinforce Africa's humanity. The poet use the words my, you, and your, to talk about or talk directly to the continent, which give it life, identity, and emotions. Likewise the poet gives life to the continent when he talks about it's beautiful black blood, it's sweet, toils, and the back that bends. As a result, the reader is given an opportunity to

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