Analysis Of Agile Methodology With Cloud Computing Essay

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Analysis of Agile Methodology with Cloud Computing Swati Dhawan Institute of Software Engineering Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Abstract?Agile methodology and the Cloud computing are the two practices which has started gaining momentum in the industry. The paper reflects the findings on how the latest cloud technology has effected the way the agile process works. On one side, it can be much advantageous to the teams which are looking for frequent releases based on fast customer feedback. The integrated agile cloud development helps in overcoming the limitations of both practices and provide a higher degree of innovation. On the other hand, there are some issues and challenges reported with this new technology even after the widespread adoption of the agile cloud development. The paper reflects some proposed solutions which can help in paving better way to handle those challenges and issues. Keywords? Agile, Agile Cloud Development, Agile Methodology, Cloud, Cloud Computing, Scrum, XP Introduction Innovation in technology has been accelerating in a faster pace. To establish themselves in the market and compete with the best, the companies are adopting new techniques to be innovative. Here the innovation implies that the relevant software is released to modern trends faster than ever. Also, industries are mainly focusing on the user needs fulfillment in an efficient way. In such scenarios, the companies are increasingly adopting the
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