Analysis Of Agile Process With Cloud Computing Essay

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Analysis of Agile Process with Cloud Computing Swati Dhawan Institute of Software Engineering Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Abstract—Agile methodology and the Cloud computing are the two practices which has started gaining momentum in the industry. The paper reflects on the findings on how the latest cloud technology has effected the way the agile process works. No doubt, the agile process and the cloud computing have considerable contribution on the small and the large-scale enterprises. There are also some proposed models or analysis which justify how the cloud can benefit by bringing the agility to the process. The integration can be much advantageous to the organizations which are looking for frequent releases based on fast customer feedback. On the other hand, these two technologies have their limitations. However, the integrated agile cloud development helps in overcoming the limitations of both practices and provide a higher degree of innovation. Lastly, as a practical part, the paper covers a case study of development of warehouse management tool which compares the development time of agile process using cloud computing with the agile process used in a traditional way and suggests how cloud computing can add benefit to the agile development process. Keywords— Agile, Agile Cloud Development, Agile Methodology, Cloud Computing, Scrum, XP, DSDM I. Introduction Innovation in technology has been accelerating in a faster pace. To
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