Analysis Of ' Ain 't No Makin '

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Ain’t No Makin’ It is Jay Macleod 's projection of the social, behavioral concepts that define the human mind 's development in relation to exposure and conceptions. This report makes reference to 'the human mind ' because it is the point from which mental representations are made, and beliefs influenced. As such, Jay 's analysis examines the resilience and resistance that the human mind can develop, or its nature of submission when subjected to different environmental conditions. That is so because social behavior is the resultant psychology of interacting with the environment. Projections in the book have been divided into three sections, with portions dedicated to the hallway hangers, who are white kids and other factions to the…show more content…
More so, it becomes more of a total enigma if they have never seen the lesser challenges that they are exposed to.

Sociological Concepts in the Book
Also known as pessimism, the concept implies the total surrender with which persons face the challenges that compound their lives. It is the acceptance of a situation, however terrible it may be, and the belief that no action can be taken to transform the transpiring elements/activities. Defeatism implies that the subject in question puts up no fight whatsoever. It is common in situations that involve children who, as mentioned above, have been exposed to the same challenges repeatedly and have never managed to overcome them. However, the reason for their failure to get any positive results is the approach by which they handle the problems; an approach that in common situations has been corrupted by the environment. The environment may imply personalities within the neighborhood who mention how hopeless it is to attempt a solution. The hallway hangers are the characters who exhibit defeatism in extreme situations. They are a group of peers who negatively influence each other, and based on their observations from the environment; they have psychologically resigned to the so-called 'fate. ' The alienation that the society has been subjected to has led to their bitter feeling and
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