Analysis Of ' Aladdin ' By John Musker And Ron Clements

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Recently, over the Winter, I brought my girlfriend to watch the Broadway Musical Aladdin. It was a very spectacular Broadway musical. I have been to many Broadway plays like Matilda and Wicked, but Aladdin, in my opinion was my favorite one. The Broadway musical is based off the 1992 Disney film “Aladdin,” which was directed by John Musker and Ron Clements. Since the musical was produced in 2014, I got to see the original cast, which was pretty astounding. The music and acting was very well played by the actors during the play. Besides the singing in the musical, there was an orchestra playing their instruments underneath the stage, so all you can see is the conductor telling the orchestra what to do. The subject of the musical was to entertain the people watching and to tell the story of the Disney movie in a musical way. The purpose of the musical is to show how Princess Jasmine is being forced who to marry by her father and she wants to be the person who decides that. In the play, three characters were added which were not in the original movie, Aladdin’s friends. Their names are Babkak, Omar, and Kassim. I found it to be creative that the play creators added them. They called themselves “Four guys with one Arabian dream.” Also in the movie, the villain, Jafar has an evil sidekick which is a parrot, but in the play, Jafar’s sidekick is a human. Another change was in the movie Aladdin also a sidekick as well. Aladdin’s sidekick is a monkey named Abu and in the play

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