Analysis Of Albert Camus 's Speech

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People choose every day in different circumstances and degrees either small imperceptible one, such as the color of the shirt that they will wear, or huge emotional and moral dilemmas like an abort or a high-risk surgery. Nonetheless, there is always a decision made that has its consequences (want or not). Albert Camus uses characterization to address the importance of choices. The author uses the character of Balducci to show what happens when people follow the rules without hesitation. For example, when Balducci arrives into the school to leave the Arab with Daru, and Daru shows himself discontent with that unforeseen problem, he says, “Those are the orders” (Camus). Balducci as a man of law must follow whatever thing is said to him, and he will do it for sure without dubiety; in addition, Balducci remarks, “[Y]ou must sign, that 's the rule” (Camus). He has to obey all the requisites and commandments that his work dictates, and he can’t avoid doing this because he will break all the goodness that justice represents. Nevertheless, Camus tries to point out if a person who only follow a guide or manual for every decision he or she made. That person is, in fact, making no choices, and he or she does not have to face and think about what is right or wrong because that person will search and do whatever is said in that guide. Particularly, in this story, Balducci notes, “You don 't get used to putting a rope on a man even after years of it…” (Camus). Even though he does not…
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