Analysis Of Aldous Huxley 's ' Brave New World '

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Timothy Quah
Dr. Laursen
Honors 3910
25 November 2015
Brave New World Aldous Huxley places an individual with conservative values into a future society. John, the protagonist is raised on a salvage reservation, where there are little technological advances. The world outside the reservation is much different, children are manufactured, and drugs and sex are daily activities. There are no strong emotions, desires and human relationships, instead pleasure replaces these things. The reader can instantly see that John’s traditional views (views that we see are traditional) are in a head on collision with society’s views. John represents humanity implanted into this society. However, the values of society not only reject John’s humanity, they destroy John. John’s humanity is ripped from him when he compromises with society, and he commits suicide.
Bioengineering is used extensively in Brave New World to run the society. Bioengineering is used extensively to create the children. Children essentially grown from test tubes, and by adding a stigma to live birth the government known as the controllers have destroyed relationships in the society. By removing children, the controllers have eroded the foundation of the family. Since the responsibility of children is the key reason why long term relationships are formed, by removing the responsibility they remove the need of relationships. Bioengineering is used to create social classes, by altering the growing environment and the
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