Analysis Of Alex Knight's Theory Of Constraints

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Alex Knight delivers an exceptional view and entertaining prospective to making changes in the way hospitals are ran. This novel is an excellent read for students and educators that are wanting to go into the health care field. The main point of this novel is to provide an explanation of the application of the Theory of Constraints in a hospital setting. The central location of this novel is in a struggling and nonfunctional hospital through the eyes of Linda Seed.
The hospital is drowning in financial deficits and cannot seem to find a way to make a profit. The CEO is fired and the COO, Linda Seed, steps in as acting CEO. As Linda steps into the shoes of acting CEO she is quickly over whelmed with the amount of questions people ask her. She then gets an invitation to listen to her good old friend, Stevie Vokes, talk about the challenges the pharmaceutical companies face. She ends up talking to Stevie about how her hospital is facing similar problems but with patient flow, quality of care, and while also generating revenue.
Linda talking to Stevie is a major turning point in this book because it shows that all it takes is one person to get a ball rolling for the rest of the health care. Stevie agrees to help Linda with her hospitals problems. He then goes into detail about the hospitals issues and uses an analogy to explain it, “the crocodile as it has some particularly nasty traits. It creeps up on you unexpectedly, has razor sharp teeth and once it gets a bite

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