Analysis Of Alex Sanders, A And Successful Product Manager

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The story is of Alex Sanders, a young and successful product manager who works in the cosmetic industry in the United States. His employer, Landon Care Products, had been acquired by a major European company.
The story begins with Alex having a conversation with a neighbor while working out at the gym in his condominium early one morning. Alex is in line for a “360 performance review” which entails input on an individual’s performance from a range of individuals from the boss to the client. In conversing with his neighbor, Alex brainstorms how the review will unfold. Amongst his accomplishments, Alex admits that he has been “pushy and commanding,” but that this has been an “effective management tool.” An occurrence follows later that morning in Alex’s office where he admonishes an employee for lack of productivity. He concludes the encounter with this 20-year employee of Landon by replacing her from the project with himself.
After an interview with an alumni magazine, Sander meets with a supervisor, Sam Glass, in regards to the 360 performance review. They first discuss some issues around clarity and transparency of the review. Despite any reservations he has had about the new process, Alex confidently responds that he has “always gotten [promotions],” and that he expects a certain “level of compensation.” Sam admits that compensation is part of performance, but that there are other measures. Sam continues by noting that despite Alex’s success, if he is to advance within the

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