Analysis Of Alexander Hamilton 's ' The Federalist Papers '

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In the face of staggering debt one man, Alexander Hamilton received the task of bringing the American economy back to stable system. Alexander achieved this through his use of taxes adopted from other countries and using the debt as leverage against those to whom the debt America owed. Once the new government became its own, the offices needed to be filled with influential men to set a positive path for America’s future. And once George Washington became the first president of the United States, he elected Alexander Hamilton to become Secretary of Treasury. In the face of staggering debt, Hamilton first saw to the repayment of the war debt in full. He diligently worked to create policies through which the government could tax the people in order to repay the debts. As one of the writers of many of the essays in The Federalist Papers, a compilation of political essays, he defended the Constitution, pending authorization, in some of the essays. He strongly desired a strong, central government lead by the national government rather than by the people. He also disliked the idea of a two party system, as he knew how some disagreements lead to revolts, but in the face of judgment he would rise and take authority over his political party, the federalists, and create the first political party. His new plans for the American economy scared many at first, but became the system necessary for our country. Hamilton worked to create an economy capable of dealing with current and…
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