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Introduction Merrell (2012) stated in his recent article that change is not well received in most organizations, even though the change is needed and most often can improve the success of an organization. According to him, change is a necessary evil of an organization’s survival. However in order for a change to be effective, there are some steps that must be put in place by management; the delivery of the change also plays an integral role in the effectiveness of the change. This paper is going to analyze a recent change that took place at Alexander Mann Solutions, an English RPO company that was recently established in the United States. Need for Change Iljins, Skvarciany & Gaile-Sarkane (2015) state that organizational climate play an…show more content…
Their clients in the US expected a more hands-on approach to their services. In order to increase customer satisfaction and the quality of their service, Alexander Mann Solutions decided to have some of the employees at the client site, rather than a service center or working remotely from home. Having AMS employees on-site provided the candidate a sense of information security and a bit more control over their processes. Consistency. Change is greatly influence by consistency, especially during the implementation phase. It is important for employees to see a consistency in the decision-makings of management or the processes that are being implemented. Consistency will facilitate the acceptance of change within the organization. Employee’s satisfaction and involvement. Employees are more likely to accept change if they understand the reason for the change as well as the benefits of the change. Therefore, it is important for management to have open and frequent communication with employees. The information, however limited it might be, must be provided to the employees. The communication must include the employee benefits that may occur as a result of the change; some of them being increased job satisfaction and reward. According to Iljins, Skvarciany & Gaile-Sarkane (2015), having an open communication creates a level of trust and job security for the employees. As a result, these ones are more receptive to the changes. Manager’s support and
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