Analysis Of Alexander Mann's ' The Delivery Of The Change

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Merrell (2012) stated in his recent article that change is not well received in most organizations, even though the change is needed and most often can improve the success of an organization. According to him, change is a necessary evil of an organization’s survival. However in order for a change to be effective, there are some steps that must be put in place by management; the delivery of the change also plays an integral role in the effectiveness of the change. This paper is going to analyze a recent change that took place at Alexander Mann Solutions, an English RPO company that was recently established in the United States.
Need for Change
Iljins, Skvarciany & Gaile-Sarkane (2015) state that organizational climate play an important role when there is a need for change; this is because culture affects all aspects of the organization. It is a pattern that is followed by all employees within the organization, most importantly the leaders of the organization. According to Iljins, Skvarciany & Gaile-Sarkane (2015), there are five forces that influence change in an organization: adaptability, mission, consistency, employees’ satisfaction and involvement and finally manager’s support and involvement.
Adaptability. A need for change can be customer focus or the need for innovation. This was the case with Alexander Mann Solutions, upon expanding their operations to the United States. Shortly after, the organization realized that the US market was quite different…
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