Analysis Of Alexander Pushkin 's ' Queen Of Spades '

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Alexander Pushkin “Queen of Spades” is a story about a man’s greed causing damage in many lives. The man uses someone 's heart to find the supernatural secret to several large jackpots. Many would say that this story is good and had a great meaning behind it, but there are some who find many problems and question that need to be answer. In this story there are many question like what is the moral, is the message clear, is this a supernatural or reality at its worst, and why those cards. In this fantastic short story by Alexander Pushkin there are many questions left to be answered through his audience leaving for many different interpretations. This story shows us the idea of many things, but is the story too much for one moral of the story. What is the moral of the story? Many moral can be found like never be too trustworthy or greed will only leave in disaster. Some could say that the moral could be that the story has a deeper moral. For example, some say that the moral is about the action of one man greed can affect the lives of not one but all. It can be far fetch but some have come to believe that Pushkin moral was this. All this is good but one thing is for sure it is never stated and different people leave different interpretation and that is why people have found that this work is not defined enough to be one hundred percent sure.
With the moral left unknown so is the message. What is Pushkin main idea for this story? What did want to accomplish out of it? Some

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