Analysis Of Alice Munro 's ' Boys And Girls '

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e roles and expectations of different characters in Alice Munro’s “Boys and Girls”: While gender roles have been very important in society, the expectations of men and women are very different than each other, based off society’s views. Men are the superior of the household that hold the more physical tasks of hunting, building, and striving for survival. While women play the nurturing type of person toward their family, whom cradle their children, prepare the food, and clean within their living area. Society has created an issue among how women and men should act as individuals. Within Alice Munro’s short story, “Boys and Girls”, gender roles and expectations of characters vary. Within the story are boundaries and expectations that need…show more content…
This is showing domination within the household held by the narrator’s father. He is doing the invincible that the women can’t manage to do within their role of gender. Within this short story along with society now, men are portrayed as the superior within a household. Women have limitations when it comes to being who they are, due to society creating specific gender roles. The narrator states, “’My grandmother came to stay with us for a few weeks and I heard other things. “Girls don’t slam doors like that.” “Girls keep their knees together when they sit down.”’ (Munro 158). This is explaining that society has set boundaries for what woman can and cannot do. If women were to do things that men do, sometimes women would look down upon for their actions. It wasn’t until when her father introduced her to a salesman, that she started to see what society viewed herself and other girls as. She didn’t know how low of a view was put on her of being a girl until the salesman replied, “I thought it was only a girl” (Munro 155). The salesman reply after being introduced, along with her grandmother’s nonsense rules about being a woman, the narrator feels as if she’s not ready to accept and claim her gender identity, simply because she doesn’t want to be the girl the entire society expects a girl to be. She is trying hard to find who she is, but does not want to be like any traditional girl. As stated by Korb in Short Stories for Students,
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