Analysis Of Alice Munro 's ' How I Met My Husband '

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Noah Nakielski
Prof. Kang
English 101
October 15, 2014 Life’s Delusion
Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband” is a short story that takes the role of being a poignant tale. Munro 's story is told from the perspective of an older woman, Edie, overlooking a time in her life when she was about 15 years old. Munro purposely writes the tale this way to depict that the narrator has learned much from her experiences from when she was 15 years old. Munro does this to allow the reader to have deeper insight of the theme. In “How I Met My Husband” Alice Munro portrays the theme of "delusion and self-deception" by using an abundance of literary devices such as various forms of irony, characterization, and point of view. Munro is able to craft the emotional complexity of the story by utilizing the literary devices that are important to the creation of the short story.
The theme of “How I Met My Husband” is exhibited throughout the story with the multitude characters in the story. The characters in the story are covered in a veil of secrecy and deception. Munro utilizes the point of views of Edie, the protagonist, thus integrating layers of intricacy to the story. In the commencement of the story, the younger Edie is the narrator; an innocent yet reserved fifteen year old, who often times is insecure, as many teens are around this age. However, Edie 's present authenticity becomes distorted in the pursuit of her true desires. Edie is character is facile to understand; she struggles…
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