Analysis Of All The Missing Girls

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Is it monsters from the dark, mysterious woods, jealous ex-boyfriends, or ditching town? These are all theories as to why two teenage girls from the, supposedly, postcard-worthy town have disappeared in the past ten years. In All the Missing Girls, Nic is back in her hometown, for a sojourn for the first time since her friend, Corrine, disappeared ten years ago, and now Annaleise Carter is missing. The memories of Corrine’s case begin to resurface as alibis, motives, and connections between the cases are questioned. In a small town like Cooley Ridge, rumors are the plague, spreading everywhere not caring whose lives they ruin. (☺ Metaphor) I finished reading The Woman in Cabin 10, and the resolution is that Richard commits suicide after killing his real wife, and his fake wife and Lo both survive. The three most important searches in All the Missing Girls are the search for connections between the two cases of the missing girls, the search for Corinne, and Tyler’s search for love.
The search for connections between the cases leads to Tyler being questioned as a suspect, and Nic going on a mission to solve the cases. Tyler is suspected because he is dating Annaleise. He claims they broke up the night before she disappears, which heightens suspicions. He also ditches town after Annaleise goes missing. Nic thinks, “Tyler was starting to feel like a ghost, like if I blinked for too long, he might slip away for good” (Miranda 171). He is fleeing the investigation. By

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