Analysis Of Allen Ginsberg 's ' The Cold War '

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Allen Ginsberg 's poem, America affords an in-depth critique on the United States of America during the Cold War (1947–1991) and takes a critical look at the country from both a social and a political perspective. The fast paced, intense personal focus of Ginsberg’s stream of consciousness format for his poem, not only argues with individuals and society but also directly to the country itself in regard to America 's involvement in war. Examine how the text reflects the key concerns of the time period. (Consider the key concerns within the text and outline what may have been happening at that time to influence the composers decisions regarding content and style) America was written in 1956 during Ginsberg’s time in Berkeley, California in the post-World II United States. Themes from the decades past wars are noticeable in America such as the nuclear bomb and the prominent presence of the Cold War that was still at hand over seas. Critique the style of the text. America transfers between second person and first person. The shift between the two point of views coincides with a change in Ginsbergs tone, which is sincere to explicitly sarcastic. In the first person section, it reads more like a monologue presenting itself in a stream of consciousness format with a somewhat rambling sense coming from Ginsberg’s persona itself. This is evident with the lines in stanza two; “I’m obsessed by Time Magazine… I read it every week” This continuous thought about the persona’s high

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