Analysis Of Allison Gopnik's Ted Talk

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Allison Gopnik’s Ted Talk regarding babies and what do they think was very
Interesting. She started off by showing a picture of a baby, and asking what would most people say is going on in the babies’ head. She said thirty years ago that most people would say not very much but after many years of research developmental psychologist have learned that babies are capable of thinking very complexly and can even think like some of the most brilliant scientist in the world. The first sort of experiment they did was with fifteen-month-old babies and they would give them broccoli or gold fish crackers. They would say yum about the broccoli and then ask the baby to hand them whichever one they wanted and they would hand the one the person said they liked. They did the same test when they are three months older and the babies would hand them the crackers, because everyone likes crackers more than vegetables. The fact that they could learn so much in a short period of time begs the question how can they learn so much? Then she went into what allows them to be such deep thinkers when
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It shows just how complex and intricate the human mind is in the children. Before this video I would never have noticed how smart children actually were and all that they can perceive. This video can be very useful for parents by helping them realize how important the first part of a child’s life is. Everything they see and experience is molding and shaping them to be who they are. It can also help them realize why babies are so emotional because taking in so many new things can be overwhelming for children especially. Also can be useful for anyone who plans on doing research on children to have an idea of how their brains work at fifteen months versus eighteen months. It shows how much is going on in their minds, and also how they cannot focus on just one specific thing because they are constantly taking in information in many
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